Our Gun by Geoff Lawson


This is more than just a story.
Centered around the Western Front of the Anglo-Boer war and taking seven long years to research and write, this is a story of political deviousness, ineptitude and military heroism that will knock your socks off. Usually, we don’t know where an old artillery gun has been, or what has happened to it, so the historical value of such a gun is limited entirely to being an obsolete technology. This is not the case with Krupp number four. We know where it went, who had it, and what happened to it; which elevate’s it to a whole new level of the historical consciousness. Krupp Number Four is, therefore, a great deal more than ‘just an artifact’ from a long forgotten war.

This sabre-rattler is a saga. Add a long list of politicians and military generals you will love to hate, and you have an emotional rollercoaster of a story; a story that will rival any great war drama before or since the Anglo Boer War. You have Cecil Rhodes, politician and business man extraordinaire. His aim was to annex all of the South African continent under British rule. Then, there was Paul Kruger, the first and last president of the South African Republic and the nemisis of Rhodes. Cronje, was the nemisis of the Jamison Raiders and defeater of Methuan at Magersfontein; a hard man who got things done, his defeat at Paardeberg was the beginning of the end for the Boer Republics. And, Number Four was there – Number Four saw it all, a major participant in the battles of the Western Front. Now, in the 21st century, Number Four is unique; the only known survivor of Paardeberg, the battle that turned the tide of war in Britains favour, a lone shadow from a turbulent past; a rare and poignant reminder of a period that was to define ourselves as a country. Read on, and enjoy…


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