Obsessed with the Enemy Billionaire by GiGi Reine

Stuck in a bridal suite with Mr. Dominant, the billionaire—not where I want to be.
Alpha male, not my type, yet he secretly captivated my soul.
Chiseled bodybuilder, tanned, and blonde, he’s Ryan Gosling’s doppelgänger.
One look at him fills my mind with naughty thoughts.
We couldn’t get enough of our seductive late-night playtime.
Like a beast, he pinned me to the bedpost and left me purring like a kitten.
Intoxicated by his dominance, as each encounter unfolds, I’m left breathless and craving more.
He has the nerve to think I’m his new play toy.
Our relationship thrives on mutual irritation—he’s demanding, I’m chatty, and we both hate it.
Steven considered me his wingwoman at work until he fired me over one mistake.
Predicting how he will react when I reveal my secret is tricky.
My past made me decide not to have children, but now I’m knocked up.


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