Metallic Souls by Matthew Harrington


In the riveting sci-fi novel “Metallic Souls: Part One,” Anna, a fierce Martian cop with the rare ability to manipulate metal, unwitting crosses paths with Sara, another woman who shares this extraordinary power. This led them on at first on separate perilous journeys hunted by sadistic cyborgs and the Earth government wanting dead. As they navigate a cybernetically enhanced dystopian Mars plagued by the shadows of war between Mars and Earth, they encounter ruthless factions like the “Red Skulls” gang while exploring the depths of their interconnected world.

Their evolving bond, marked by unsettling dreams of a mysterious crimson mask, delves into profound questions of identity and purpose, challenging readers to unravel the mysteries behind their unique abilities and the enigmatic role they play in the unfolding narrative. With themes of action, suspense, and introspection, “Metallic Souls” presents a captivating fusion where the lines between strength and vulnerability blur in a world filled with enigmas and perilous encounters.


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