Medical & Healthcare Practitioners by Irene Baron


Government agencies fail to find terrorists threatening the United States with nuclear weapons. The new President forms a highly classified operation. The Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research project (VESPER) is created and housed in secret facilities under the JFK runways. The project learns of South African ‘mindreachers’ born several decades ago. Rumored to have the ability to read minds over great distances, no one knows their current locations. A teacher and pilot, Ana Masterson, is identified stateside as a minor telepath. She is hired by VESPER to find a mindreacher and teamed with former SEAL and Shaolin martial arts master, Major Jon Coulter, USMC. Despising psychics, Coulter reluctantly follows orders to protect Masterson and report how telepathy may be used in combat. Supplied with the latest in espionage gadgets, including embedded nano-size satellite tracking transceivers above their ear, their search begins in Johannesburg, South Africa. Not wanting to be identified, every terrorist cell places Masterson and Coulter on their hit list.
This resembles an Indiana Jones style of friendly beginnings filled with memorable dueling characters, suspenseful changes in venue, exotic scenes, epic actions, and a chart busting climax.
This is book one in a series.


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