Magnanotron: a Bond of Brothers Thriller by Robert James Saniscalchi

Two years after the Black Water threat, Delta Team eagerly await their next mission – and
they’re soon back in the action, when U.S. military scientists invent a new weapon so jawdropping that America’s enemies will stop at nothing to get their hands on it, in this actionpacked, political, military thriller, from the Bond of Brothers series…
COLONEL JASON PATRICK now leads a quieter life as commanding officer at Fort Bragg
Army base, North Carolina. He gets to spend time with his family, but longs to get back into
the action with his beloved DELTA TEAM, now under the capable leadership of TEX
LARSON. And it isn’t long before the Special Forces team are called up again, to test an
amazing new defensive weapon invented by U.S. military scientists PETER ANDROVSKI
and DARIOUS PATEL: MAGNANOTRON, a device which uses nano-magnetic technology
to create a literal forcefield around the soldier who wears it. It has successfully passed all
dummy and animal tests, protecting them from high-calibre gunfire; it is now time for human
testing – and Tex and his team are eager to be the guinea pigs. Magnanotron has astounded
and excited Top Brass all the way up to U.S. PRESIDENT ANDREW MOORE and his staff.
But they aren’t the only ones eager to get their hands on Magnanotron. GREGORY
WALLIS, a Russian SRV spy based in the U.S. Army Futures Laboratory DEVCOM, has
witnessed the excitement about the place and reported back to his superior in Moscow,
DEPUTY DIRECTOR SERGEY NASHKIN. Maryland-based field operatives VICTOR
MIKAL and NIKI IVANOV – alias Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Smith – are immediately
ordered to rent an apartment overlooking ANDROVSKI’s home, keep an extensive record of
his movements and report back. Russian PRESIDENT BARANOV is keen to know more
about Magnanotron, but the U.S. government has ordered a ring of steel around the lab,
overseen by CIA SPECIALIST ROB TANNER, and Secret Service agents are deployed to
accompany the two scientists everywhere they go; the Russian agents haven’t a chance of
getting near the place. Still, that doesn’t deter Baranov, who orders his generals to come up
with a plan to get it. Russian PRIME MINISTER MIKHAIL KUSHTIN is very concerned
about rash actions – particularly when SRV DIRECTOR MALOV suggests abducting
Darious Patel, the least well-guarded of the two, and bringing him to Russia.
When Tanner’s sharp eye notices Victor and Niki’s car loitering, he orders it to be tracked
and stopped. In doing so, CIA Agent Walter Beck is killed in a shootout with the panicking
Victor, and the two Russians go into hiding at a rural safehouse owned by Wallis. Desperate
not to miss their chance, Malov and Baronov decide to grab Patel now, to the horror of
Kushtin and fellow sceptic GENERAL GREKOV, who privately start plotting the removal of
the two from power, should their plan fail. Malov’s top operative, DEMETRI ROMANOV,
is deployed to the U.S., and immediately sets about reconnoitring and forming a plan to
abduct Patel. He tricks railroad engineer RONNIE, an ex-con in debt, into thinking that they
are old schoolfriends, then offers him a huge payment to take them to the Canadian border in
a freight train, where a van will be provided to drive them across the border to a private
airfield, from where Patel will be flown to Moscow. When the CIA’s own spies in Russia
advise DEPUTY DIRECTOR NORMAN SCOUT that Romanov is in the country, he orders
Tanner to double down on the scientists’ security, for Romanov is well-known to him.
Romanov, Victor, Niki and Gregory set out on “Operation Nightfall”. They manage to
snatch Patel and flee, after a shootout in which one of the Secret Service agents is killed and
Victor is wounded, left for dead by his accomplices. As police flood the scene, Tanner
immediately asserts jurisdiction and brings in his associate, brutal “interrogator” MAX, to
extract the plan from Victor.
Meanwhile, Delta Team have successfully tested Magnanotron, and U.S. top brass are
gushing over the possibilities, even as far as it potentially protecting ships and jets. Still,
although buzzing off the back of their success with Magnanotron, and now routinely armed
with the device, Delta Team are furious to hear about Darious, whom they all like. Mobilized
to do so, they are keen to engage the Russians and rescue the abducted scientist. With the
intelligence obtained from Victor, they set out to intercept Ronnie’s freight train at Malone
Station, NY, the farthest station north before the Canadian border. Meanwhile, President
Moore has threatened his Russian counterpart with oil sanctions if Patel is not returned
immediately; Baranov, of course, denies all knowledge of the plot.
Stopping the train at Malone, using the emergency braking system, Delta Team move in and
engage the Russians, stopping at nothing to bring their countryman back alive, in the
gripping, action-packed finale.
And, as U.S. Special Forces are praised in the aftermath of the nefarious affair, in Moscow
heads will roll and scapegoats will fall – right up to the very top – as Kushtin and Grekov
make their own move against the perpetrators


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