Living with Integrity by Rolando Satzke


I am convinced that all of us have an intimate connection with life that seeks to maintain its existence through constant evolution. Our reason “to be” may not be different from the reason to be of existence itself. The experiences that awaken our consciousness give us the opportunity to be re-routed with the impulse of the upward spiral.

Living with integrity is a way of living, which leads you to express yourself as you are. It is about being consistent with your values, both in your decisions and in your conduct. This uplifts you to a level where you feel better about yourself. It is a virtue that evolves with self-discovery.


The goal of this book is to help you become aware through self-reflection. Successive chapters will invite you to look at different aspects of yourself to develop a holistic view of your role in life. By strengthening the connection with your most profound meanings, you will discover the sense of a change, the one you and the world are waiting for to make a better


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