Johnny and Jazzbo by Kathryn Hardy

This compelling and powerful true story is about two young southern men of opposite color faced with an evil that has no color other than the blood shed stains left behind by hate and greed. Raised in the backwoods of Northwest Florida, their untamed determination to escape poverty brings them together on a journey of self-discovery.
It was 1962 when twenty-eight-year-old Dr. Johnny Savage moves to Atlanta, during one of the most turbulent, historical time in the history of Georgia. He builds a successful dental practice, becomes a powerful political figure, and hires Otis Ikner, a twenty-six-year-old Black man as a houseboy. When Johnny discovers that Otis’ aspirations to become successful were the same as his, but society had not allowed it, Johnny takes matters into his own hands and secretly forges a high school diploma to help Otis Ikner become America’s first Black male dental Hygienist. In Johnny’s circle Otis gains financial and social opportunities as he climbs the ladder to success.
With wit, fortitude, cunning humor, and compassion, Johnny and Otis set out to right the wrongs in their lives no matter what the cost. Over three decades, these two mavericks experience life on every level beating the odds when it comes to business, politics, sex, love, and marriages before going back to their roots where the true meaning of friendship, success, wealth, and happiness awaited their return home. Side-splittingly funny at times and heart wrenching at others, this story of historical events is an inspiring lesson on forgiveness, friendship, hope and a testament to what’s possible with grace, kindness and courage.


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