It Happened in Barcelona by Colin Guest

After returning home from his wife’s funeral, John, a successful architect, has lost the will to carry on. He no longer shaves or cuts his hair and looks like a tramp. While sitting one day with a drink in his hand, John decides to move abroad with his dog Lucky. After he accepts a New Year’s dinner invitation from his friends Wendy and Gilbert, he shaves. During dinner, Peter says abouf selling up and moving abroad. Although shocked, they agreed and suggested that Spain could be the best place for him. Once home, Peter then starts to check out properties in Alicante, Valencia, and Barcelona. He also has several real-estate companies come and value his house. He is pleased to find that from the sale of his house, he can easily afford a suitable house in Spain. When Peter later goes to look at the properties he had seen online, his only aim is to find a house for him and Lucky his dog. After checking in Alicante and Valencia, Peter travels up to Barcelona. His trip does not start well, as on his arrival, his case does not appear. However, his luck starts to change while in Mias office, an estate lady he had spoken to online appears. She had broken from her boyfriend who had not treated her well. When she found Peter standing in her office, her eyes lit up. He looks just the type of man she liked. Although Peter found Mia most attractive, he did not know that today would prove to be the start of a whole new life. It would result in his obtaining the one thing that had been missing in his life.


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