In Too Deep by Sherrie Lynn

In the heart-pounding realms of “Modern Romance Suspense,” the scintillating tale of Kess Avers and Javen Hunts transcends the ordinary. Former co-workers with a shared history of sidestepping emotional entanglements, their cruise vacation was meant for tying up loose ends. Little did they know, the tempest that awaited them would force a reckoning with their untold desires.

As a ferocious storm rages, these two enigmatic ‘Agents’ find themselves thrust into a maelstrom of unpredictability. The very fabric of their training as international spies is tested as they grapple with unforeseen challenges. Can love, potent and undeniable, be their saving grace, or will the shadows of their clandestine pasts consume them?

In a world where danger lurks around every corner, Kess and Javen must navigate the treacherous waters of espionage, betrayal, and an organization shrouded in mystery. Will they elude the clutches of their ominous puppeteers and seize the opportunity for a life untethered from the shadows? Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as S. Lynn, the mastermind behind the “Modern Romance Suspense” series, weaves a narrative that is as intense as it is enthralling, leaving you on the edge of your seat, yearning for more. This isn’t just a story—it’s a pulse-quickening odyssey into a world where passion and peril collide, written with the finesse that only S. Lynn can deliver.


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