How Russia Became a Zombie State by Alexey Molchanov

You can consider it as Putin’s ‘Mein Kampf’ – if you’re going to be a dictator you can learn a lot of steps you can do for that.
As a lawyer, I made an analysis of the first two chapters of Russian Constitution – the ones that dedicated to the base principal of state and human rights. Or, to be more exactly, how they are violated. While I briefly retell the modern history of legal developement (or should I say degradation), still the main part is Constitutional analysis. I still tried to make text very simple, as legal text are hard to read indeed.
There are a lot of hyperlinks (in ebook version) and QR-codes (for the printed one) to the legal acts, courts’ decisions, reports of human rights’ organisations – everything you need to dive deep into the matter, if you want to.
I hope you will find it very eluminating on what is going on in Russia and how it became the zombie state – the most evil country in XXI century.


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