Fatal Measure: A Codi Sanders Thriller by Brent Ladd

Within Fatal Measure, the fifth installment of Codi Sander’s journey, Codi and her team must rewrite history and solve a federal cold case as they uncover a nest of cleverly trained assassins. 

An American hero from North Korea is not all he appears as he compels Codi and her team to examine the past for a federal cold case. They seek out a team of hired killers and the cunning businesswoman running the operation—at a time when there’s never been a bigger demand for assassins. With a trail of bodies left in their wake, Codi and her team must take matters into their own hands.

Crosshairs lock on to Codi Sanders as she’s pitted against the very best in Fatal Measure. And as a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues, the stakes rise from an unsolvable case to one of life or death—pushing Codi to her limit.


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