Echo from Mount Royal by David Riese

Step back in time to the vibrant city of Montreal in 1951, where the romantic tale of Rebecca Wiseman unfolds.

At 18, Rebecca’s heart is swept away by a dashing and affluent young man. Yet, amidst the bloom of their love, a formidable obstacle emerges: his family harbors an intense disdain for her.

Rebecca, a bright college student from a working-class background, encounters this handsome stranger at a local dance, never expecting to cross paths again. However, fate intervenes when Sol Gottesman, the son of a wealthy magnate, asks her on a date. As he whisks her away in the family’s chauffeured Rolls-Royce to the most opulent restaurant in the city, Rebecca is thrust into a world of upper-class splendor and privilege. She becomes infatuated, believing her life has attained perfection.

But beneath Sol’s charismatic facade lies a lack of self-assurance and trust. He confides in Rebecca about the smoldering conflicts within his family and his deep-seated fears of being ousted from the family business by his own brother. Headstrong yet naive, Rebecca is determined to shield Sol from these pressures, steadfast in her desire to be his pillar of strength.

Their engagement solidifies their bond, but the tranquility is shattered when a shocking secret of child abuse within Sol’s family comes to light. Rebecca, unwavering in her love and support, believes she can mend the fractures in his soul. Yet, a fateful late-night telephone call threatens to alter her life forever, pushing her to the precipice of a life-altering decision.

Immerse yourself in this captivating tale of love, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of youth. Experience the evocative atmosphere of 1950s Montreal as Rebecca navigates a world of privilege tainted by hidden secrets. You’ll find yourself rooting for Rebecca’s unwavering commitment to protect Sol and confront the perils that threaten to tear them apart.

Prepare to be captivated by a story that explores the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love, set against the backdrop of a time when dreams were both shattered and realized.


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