Drink Your Words: Discovering California’s Other Wine Regions by Carolyn Dismuke


Living your dream takes many forms…

A fulfilling career in the city and an active social life had convinced California native Carolyn Dismuke that she was living the dream, but her life changed when she drove by vineyards on back roads. She became a diligent student in a world-renowned wine studies program, where she mastered the classic regions. Eight chapters on France and seven on Italy left her salivating for more. Yet only one chapter on California compelled her to pack her wanderlust and set out to live in a different region every month to soak in all the juicy details.

Drink Your Words chronicles her journey through the Golden State’s appellations, highlighting vineyard details and travel tips. As she encounters a growing number of creative winemaking characters who coax the velvet nectar into its richest potential, she sees reflected in them her own creativity, bubbling up inside her, struggling to be heard. It’s an inspirational memoir for anyone dying to follow their passion. It’s a helpful guide through California wine country for those who want to road-trip vicariously. It’s for anyone who thinks a girl needs more than four pairs of shoes. Let Carolyn tell you how it’s done!


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