Deadly Harbor: A Near-To-Home Mystery by Miranda Rose Barker

Trapped in a web of intrigue, Holly will stop at nothing to uncover the truth… Deadly Harbor: A Near-To-Home Mystery.

When Holly receives the news that her aunt is coming for a visit, she is delighted. She eagerly anticipates spending a fun time again with her favorite relative. Of all her family members, Aunt Emma was the person that Holly had always felt closest to.

But just as she finishes preparing a guest room for Emma’s arrival, the roof of her house starts leaking… a lot. Water pours down from the ceiling, damaging the room to the point of needing some major professional repairs.

Forced to figure out a different plan for temporary housing while her house is uninhabitable, Holly and her aunt decide to try the nearby Safe Harbor Hotel. Little do they know that their problems are really going to escalate way beyond a waterlogged house. They soon find themselves embroiled in a web of intrigue and deception – and murder.

With things spiraling out of control, they need to move fast. Being an amateur woman sleuth has its challenges.

They really are not ready for what is coming. So much for a fun and relaxing visit with a beloved family member…

Readers who loved The Prodigal Returns, The Lost Estate, or any other book in this series will also enjoy the Deadly Harbor. This is the next book in the Near-To-Home Mystery series. With her wonderful gift for storytelling, Miranda Rose Barker delivers another page-turning mystery suspense book that will keep you reading all night. A new mystery suspense book for 2023.


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