Daddy’s Girl by Scott Lothian

When Martin Avondale is accused of killing his missing teenage daughter and embezzling money from his law firm to support his girlfriend on the side, no one knows the truth until the father of another missing girl starts to unravel a conspiracy involving a modern-day Druid cabal, a secret diary and a daughter who will not be denied justice.

Through the twisting pages of deception, cruelty, kindness and hope, Daddy’s Girl tells the tale of a father’s torment, a daughter’s love and perseverance, and retribution for a wife and mother. Further weaved into this story of survival, courtroom drama, friendship and deceit are cops, priests, gullible teens, powerfully evil men, a deaf Native American named Silent Wolf and an albino princess who dupes them all.

The chapters in Daddy’s Girl are grouped into books with overlapping timelines to show different perspectives of the same events and, thus, different beliefs or truths of the evolving storyline, so the full picture is always a page away. It is when one only wants to believe one perspective or is taught to deny others that the truth suffers and then even the smallest interaction or event—when all the facts are not considered—can have dire consequences.


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