Cryptic Spaces: Foresight by Deen Ferrell

A brilliant young mathematician, and a world-famous young violinist are recruited to a clandestine organization with time travel technology.
The organization, Observations, Inc., is probing the myths and mysteries of mankind, things like the Loch Ness Monster, Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Zombies, Witches, Secrets of the Pyramids, and more.

When introduced to the time grid for their first assignment, they discover that the time grid has a dark side, and what we have always believed to be merely myth and mystery are part of a carefully hidden history – one whose weave could mean the end of everything.


˃˃˃ Willoughby sees patterns that others cannot.

Applying his brilliance in mathematics, he uncovers puzzles hidden in plain view. A carved symbol over a local barbershop, for example, leads him to one Antonio Chavez, and eventually, to a secretive organization where nothing is as it seems.

˃˃˃ Antonio, he learns, is far more than a barber, and introduces him to his oddly eccentric team.

The famous and beautiful Sydney Senoya exhibits a musical talent that can reach beyond the living. James Arthur, proves to have strange healing powers. Even feisty T.K., their crew liaison on the company yacht, is more than she seems. Determined to uncover the truth behind the supposed seer, Nostradamus, the new team finds itself lost across the corridors of time, fighting for their lives.

Does Willoughby alone, have the skill to save them?

˃˃˃ International Award Winning Bestselling Author Deen Ferrell delivers the first installment of his new novel that merges romance and destiny in an intense time-travel adventure.

If you love Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl), Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson), Brandon Mull (Fablehaven) you will absolutely enjoy Cryptic Spaces.


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