Billionaire Boss’s Fake Mrs. Right by Shirley Roman

The first time, my dream romance with the billionaire, star hockey player shattered on the ice he loved playing on.

The second time, I fake married him without knowing we were playing a high-stakes game for keeps.

Cade Elkridge is out of my league.

He’s destined to own a billion-dollar sports team. I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

He’s a playboy. I’m an average girl.

He’s got a smile and body hot enough to melt ice— and the beautiful women around him know it.

Out of the blue, his star came into my orbit. His powerful body and his gorgeous blue eyes aroused irresistible passion..

Our bodies came together and ignited a Big Bang.

We were inseparable— until tragedy hit.

I was left adjusting to a surprise pregnancy— and Cade— fighting to gain control of his team.

His crazy solution: fake marry to polish up his image.

I traded champagne wishes for diaper duty when Mr. Perfect Puck became Mr. Wrong Husband.

Now we’re raising a baby under the glare of a business power struggle, and juggling pretend life against real feelings.

Can our fake vows become forever before our love ends in the penalty box for good?


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