Beyond: A Tale of Discovery on the Other Side of Life by Ruth Mitchell


Whatreaders are saying:

**“Beyond is a lovely and lyrical book, a riveting intersection betweenparanormal adventures and a blistering unique love story! I enjoyed the craftedstory so much, each chapter is so finely wrought with funny, poignant andoccasionally breathtaking moments!”—Travel.with_a_book

**”I loved that I never knew what the next turn in this book would be. Iloved how carefully Mitchell treated her characters, alive or dead, two-footedor four. She writes with so much passion and compassion. And it shows in thephenomenal stories she creates.”—Author Marla Cantrell

Imagine a world where ghosts can be seen (but not heard) on computer screensvia artificial intelligence and the collaboration of ‘seeing’ dogs. Follow thestory of Laura Haskell, a fantasy writer, and her beautiful white GermanShepherd, Cloud.

Laura is a successful author who needs to get sober. She lives in a hauntedhotel in San Francisco with Cloud, who can see the ghosts. When Sean Wilsonappears in her life, everything changes.

Ghosts have puzzled the living for as long as humans have walked the earth.Beyond takes the reader on a journey which reconciles the questions of theirplausibility. Sean and his crew revolutionize how ghostly apparitions areperceived through the use of Artificial Intelligence. This leads to discoveringwho Laura’s mysterious grandfather was and sparks an unlikely romance betweenLaura and Sean, but will they stay together?

As Laura sobers up her life changes for the better. She finishes the book shehas been struggling with, captures Sean’s heart, and has a faceoff with anEtheric Revenant. Once the family ghosts have been identified, the ratings forSean’s reality ghost show skyrocket and Cloud becomes famous, creating a newset of challenges.

Readers are in for a rollercoaster ride as they suspend their belief and get toknow Cloud and his unique perspective as well as the ghost of Laura’s eccentricgrandmother who once was a celebrated Madam, serving the elite gentlemen of SanFrancisco. If you are one who enjoys a fast paced, exhilarating read withmind-expanding ideas presented in a skillfully written and entertainingfashion, then this book is for you.


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