Shirley McLain

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

I am a retired RN and have ten books of different genres selling on Amazon. I am a eclectic writer and enjoy the writing process. I am married to a wonderful man who spoils me and I love it. We live in the country with a large family of fur babies.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

My latest book is Shirley's Compilation of short stories that entails everything from love to horror. There is something for everyone.

Do you have any unusual writing habits?

I don't think I do. Nothing I do is unusual for me.

What authors, or books have influenced you?

My favorite authors are woman who wrote the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling and the Outlander series, by Diane Gabaldon. These to authors are outstanding in my view. lander series.

What are you working on now?

At this time I am concentrating on rewriting and promoting my work.

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?

I don't have just one. I try to use different sources as I believe you can't advertise your work in one place. Not everyone looks at one source for books, so you are missing out on potential buyers.

Which Websites you like most to promote your book

Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and any place that has people wanting books.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

I would tell any new author not to be afraid of writing. Start putting words down and let the story flow.

What is the best advice you have ever heard?

That is a hard one. I have received advice from many, so I can't pinpoint the best. I appreciated any advice I received.

What are you reading now?

Right now I am reading a nonfiction by JD Jakes called, "Letting Go." It is about forgiveness.

What’s next for you as a writer?

I don't really know. I will just keep going forward.

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring?

My Bible, and the two series I mentioned previously. It would be more than three or four books.

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