Gary Strickland is astonished to lose his job before proposing to his childhood sweetheart Angela and braces for a lengthy search through the maze of New York City companies. Three days later Alex Schneider, a successful trade paper’s CFO, hires the recent college graduate to collect unpaid amounts from advertisers. But no sooner is Gary wedged among stingy clients, selfish coworkers, and his frazzled manager, than he and Angela learn they’ll become parents before husband and wife. Three months later Gary’s company-wide invitation to his engagement party inadvertently enrages Alex, who then manipulates the young and unproven employee to protect his own fragile position. After Gary’s moral fiber takes a thorough beating, he finds Alex’s file suggesting he’s a hostage to upper management. Now Gary must abandon his livelihood before the office politics crush him, or remain for his family’s sake and risk a future defined by…THE STRICKLAND FILE.


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