Elliana Barrington has to escape from Evansville before a deranged cousin learns the terms of their grandmother’s will. So, Elliana is sent to marry a man in Texas, who hopefully can protect her. She knows her greedy cousin expected to inherit everything. Although he received a generous inheritance, the desperate cousin has debts he can’t pay, debts owed to dangerous men. He plans to force Elliana’s to sign over her money to him. She is kind and generous and willing to share her legacy. But her grandmother’s unbreakable will is specific—if Elliana attempts to give her cousin any funds, everything they each inherited will be forfeited to charity.

After escaping a difficult situation, Keith Martin created a new life as the banker of Harrigan Springs, Texas. He’s won the respect of the community and has made many good friends. After buying a house, he sends for a mail order bride. What a surprised to receive a letter from a young woman’s attorney, complete with a contract. Although not sure he’s doing the right thing, Keith agrees to marry the woman and fulfill the contract’s conditions. He expects a shy, overprotected bride—but he’s in for a surprise!

Fate has troubles in store for Elliana and Keith, threats that involve everyone in their household. They strive to protect themselves and the three orphans they’ve adopted. But, how can they reason with her crazed cousin? How can this couple overcome their complex circumstances to build a happy life together?


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