Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer? by Katherin B. FitzPatrick

One of the greatest mysteries of all time!
So, whatever happened to the very dark and demonic Zodiac Killer who haunted the Bay Area from about 1969 to his sudden disappearance in the Fall of 1978?
In mid-October of 1978, the infamous Zodiac Killer who had taunted the San Francisco Bay Area with his evil threats and killings since the late 1960’s to 1978, wrote the San Francisco Papers, and said, “I am back! I will strike and kill this weekend!”
As destiny and chance would have it, a couple from the North Bay, who rarely ventured into the City, went over that Sunday for a birthday party for a relative. That morning, the husband, Russell had seen in the newspaper article over breakfast with the Police Wanted Poster including the drawing of the face created from eyewitness reports. Before the night was over, Russell and his wife Tina, after a late-night church service, and even a later late-night Mexican dinner over on Geary Street, observed some ocean lookout spots on their way home. They had planned to drive over the Golden Gate bridge as “it was on the way home anyway!” Russel reasoned.
“I’m just a tired pregnant lady, here!” Six months pregnant Tina responded, but she went along for the ride. They had noticed a man wearing big light rimmed glasses at two of the “lover’s lane” lookout locations, but he then pulled off and drove away.
After driving over the Golden Gate Bridge on a beautiful, clear Fall almost full moon evening, they took the Visa Point exit. They drove into the parking lot where they saw the same man in the old white car about to go after a couple that he found standing alone observing the view . . .alone until Russell and Tina pulled up only a few feet away from him. He seemed to be fondling a gun in his left pocket. This was the third place in the space of 25 minutes they had seen him! Then a supernatural occurrence happened!
The Zodiac man was so terrified that it was hard to adequately describe the expression of terror on this face. Was it because he thought they must have been plain clothes police? No, it was more than that.
“That’s the Zodiac . . . let’s get him!” Russell exclaimed. Tina looked back at him with the look of a thousand question marks!
The mystery man dashed back to his old white car, which was a disguise much like himself, and screeched out, wheels spinning at high speed toward the entrance not an exit, any way he could see to get back on the road. Russell and Tina were right on his tail. They had planned to just get the license plate number then go back to downtown SF to one of the 4 police stations there and report what they saw. But it didn’t turn out that way.
The couple raced as fast as they could manage. There was still medium traffic and large trucks on the road at about 11 pm. Their speedometer quickly climbed to 100 mph.
“Tina, you’re the one with the 15/20 vision, Ms. Hawk eyes. Can you see the license plate number yet? . . .can you see it?” Russell gasped.
“Almost! Get closer!” said Tina with her pen and paper ready. The couple sensed a demonic presence around the Zodiac Escape car. The demons seemed to be laughing at them. Now they were traveling at 110 mph.
“I think we must be chasing the ‘Batmobile’!” Tina wailed. Russell climbed to 120 mph in their late model Subaru. They soon realized they were no match for the Zodiac escape car.
“I can almost see it!” Tina gasped. “Go faster!”
At that moment a woman driving a car in a lane on their right decided to change lanes in front of them, going at that speed. . . apparently in attempt to take an exit on the far left of the freeway. She was cutting in toward them dangerously close.
”Oh my God, no! That car . . . t’s blocking my view!”
“Russell, watch out!
“No problem!” Russell, who was an engineer and a precision driver had to slow up to keep from hitting her, and not spinning out. The man in the Zodiac car used the delay as an advantage and sped ahead, disappearing from view. “Oh . . .he practically disappeared into thin air! It’s like he disappeared into a sinkhole from hell. Now what?”
They slowed to about 45 mph, feeling discouraged. But there on the right with its own exit was an outpost for the California Highway Patrol. They took it. The lights were still on. They pulled in and dashed quickly inside. A lone officer was still on duty.
“Can I help you?” he asked.
“Yes!” Tina was breathless. “We have been in a chase with a man we think is the “Zodiac Killer!” The officer seemed ready to hear their story.
“What made you think he was the “Zodiac?” the officer asked.
“We read in the paper that he was threatening to strike again, this weekend . . .tonight!” Tina and Russell explained how after a late-night church service and a late evening dinner, they stopped by some ocean lookout spots, like “lover lane” areas, they observed him in his “old” white car watching couples. Once Russell and Tina came upon the scene and the couples were no longer alone, he slinked away into the darkness. When we pulled into Vista Point, there he was again. He finally found a couple who was alone, and he was about to go after them.”
“Did he appear to be armed?” the officer asked.
“He appeared to be fondling a gun in his left pocket.” Russell explained how he looked just like the right side of the police Wanted Poster. “When he saw us for the third time in 25 minutes, he panicked big time! He must have thought we were plain clothes police.”
“My husband said . . .”
“That’s the Zodiac . . .let’s get him!” Russell explained. “He was terrified and dashed back to his car trying to exit back out of the park, the wrong way, but any way to escape back onto the road!”
“We were right on his tail and began the chase on the freeway going north on 101.” Tina explained. “We soon learned old the car was a disguise much like him. Apparently, it had a big engine in it! We were up around 100, then advanced to 110 mph, then 120 mph . . .we just wanted to get the license plate then back off and go back downtown to one of the police stations and report what we saw. “Russell explained. “However, a car got in front of us trying to change lanes to take an exit on the far left of the freeway, and I had to slow way up to avoid hitting her! We lost him . . . then we came in here just now!”
“This sounds like the real deal! Let me get some descriptive info from you, then I’m going to do an APB to all cars in the region.” Soon, the officer was on the speaker to all the CHP patrol cars in the area within about seventy five miles. “To all cars in the Golden Gate, Sausalito and Novato areas: An old white car, make unknown, red stripe on the side, leaving Vista Point at high speed within the last twenty minutes driven by a man thought to be the Zodiac Killer . . .travelling north on 101. The man was in his late fifties, wearing light framed glasses, a gray suit with a white turtleneck sweater. He was chased down by civilians but escaped . . .” the officer looked over at the 6 months pregnant Tina, and just rolled his eyes. “He is thought to be armed. Approach with caution. Report back here is you see this car!”
The officer put away his speakerphone. “Okay, that’s all we can do for now. We’ll have to see if any patrol cars spot him. You’ll get a call tomorrow from the San Francisco Police Department, probably from a man named Sgt. Tedesco. He’s been a veteran investigator working on the Zodiac case probably well over ten years now. Will one of you be available to talk to him?”
“Yes!” Tina confirmed.
Yes, he did call. This began an investigation that led this couple to be the number one face recognition eyewitness of the real Zodiac Killer by the San Francisco Police Department. I am Katherin B. FitzPatrick, and I am the real life “Tina.” I invite you to read our true story. We have added an ending to showcase how we believe the evidence demonstrated how he actually ended, but most everything in this book actually really occurred. Some scenes are almost word for word how they actually happened.
I am going to say right here that I challenge the CASEBREAKERS on their so-called positive I-d-ing of the Zodiac Killer. They are positively wrong! The Zodiac Killer is not Gary Poste. This suspect is only a Copycat Zodiac. There were a few over the years. They admit to the Zodiac crimes, somehow wanting to identify with his colorful notoriety, but they are mentally sick. Sometimes they even commit like crimes. Also, he does not have the face of the Zodiac Killer who looks like the right side of the Police Wanted Poster. The real Zodiac had coke-bottle thick light rimmed glasses. He was blind without them! He had to do his crimes wearing them including the Lake Berryessa attack. The male survivor of this attack remembered seeing them through the eyeholes of the makeshift executioner’s robe. There is more, and I am not the only eyewitness to this same face! You will find out how they too had long encounters with the Zodiac, and survived to talk about it. Read my book and get all of the real story!


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