Surprise Baby For The Secret Next Door Billionaire by Aria McDow

When I gave my V-card to my grumpy next door neighbor,

I didn’t know he was a billionaire artist in hiding.

Now I’m pregnant with his greatest masterpiece.

I offered my body to the highest bidder to save my family’s bakery.

No, not that.

Art nude modeling is a cash cow, and I’m desperate.

When I finally meet the winning artist from the charity art auction, I come face to face with my utterly gorgeous, formally hostile neighbor, Jack.

Yes, I wanted to give him my V-card, but emotionally unavailable “Jack” friend-zoned me.

I sit for hours while each brush stroke uncovers his secrets.

Turns out “Jack” is actually Julian Blackwood, a famous artist, and billionaire heir to a dynasty he loathes.

Soon it’s his hands doing the stroking and our bodies yield to suppressed passions.

We bared flesh and souls in a night of explosive ecstasy, powerful enough to make the Mona Lisa smile.

Now he trusts me with his darkest secrets.

But I have a secret too.

How am I going to tell him he’s going to be a daddy?


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