Making Your Own Trail by daniel molliver


hi im daniel molliver im the author of the book making your own trail it is both: spiritual and inspirational for anybody and everybody who has gone through a difficult period in there life. But before i get to that, i like to give a little bit of history of why i wrote this book: years ago i was involved in a tragic accident were i slipped and hit my head on concrete no fault of my own, and sustained a life threatening injury, were even the doctors and family thought and feared i may have bin brain dead, but that was not the case, through faith: inspiration and determination i fought for my LIFE because i have faith: NOW: I like to share a little bit about this book today from one passage in the book There is life in life your trail so important, your knowledge so important, for the destruction of evil with your breath and grace bringing unknown life back to patient ways and inner truth for goals of american victory abroad


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