Just Visiting by Graham Wilson

Her hands and feet are tied and her mouth is gagged.She is a captive. She is being taken to a river full of crocodiles and she is terrified. How could it have come to this.

Susan goes on an idyllic holiday in Australia, The Barrier Reef is beautiful, Sydney and Melbourne wonderful.

She wants to see the Outback. An Australian man offers to take her. She likes him and goes with him

When a fresh faced young English girl visits Australia she goes first to the Barrier Reef. He she meets a charming man from the outback of Australia.

Almost before she can think they are engaged in a passionate affair. She finds him and his life fascinating. She agrees to meet him in Alice Springs and travel with him through some of the remotest parts of the Northern Territory.

But a series of chance events leads her to believe that he is not who he says he is.

Yet she is incredibly drawn to him. Their relationship deepens and becomes ever more intense.
She must choose, whether to leave or stay. Can she take a chance and risk being drawn into his murky world.

Finally it is just her and him at a remote river, infested by crocodiles. With the crocodiles lie both their destinies.


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